To the one, I love..

I never thought it would teach me so many things, in so different ways.
..Nothing teaches patience more than long distance relationships.

Witnessing some of the best conversations at airport departures, some of the loveliest memory over minute-meets, clearly understanding the definition of dream by looking straight through his eyes.. yet refuse to accept the change, and not to forget the heart wrenching goodbyes..

It’s like writing a script expecting him return to you, saying “I am forgetting something?”

And you start looking around in panic as he is getting late to catch his flight.

While he stood their watching you move, getting restless until he holds you to make you realise what he is leaving behind.

 “Am here to take you, come.” 

And you suddenly get hit by one of the strongest emotion of standing at the either side of the departure gate, looking at each other through the glass window while still being on the phone and sigh each time the announcer said, “Last few minutes before we close, check-in.” 


..W A I T I N G days after days, until you become actor in all of the scripts.

And what if he never returns?


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