But the feelings may remain..

That Wednesday afternoon when you sang to me in your broken voice.
I knew. It’s time to believe.

All the childish thought of yours, that the aeroplane shit drops down, moon could follow your car, orange was considered the coolest colour, how donuts could easily replicate the South-Indian dish menduwada, and many more countless insensible thoughts started making sense. 
Is when, I knew. This would go long.

You remember the hault you had, for the car you loved which we met our way back home? 
Is when, I saw dreams in your eyes shining brighter than the sunshine.

Look, “You stand within me, exact in the middle” you said, while editing your name with mine.
Is when, I got a reason to live for.

That heavy strawberry pieces left in the middle of the shake, un-churned purposefully, by you. Just for me. 
Is when I felt, everything and nothing at the exact same time.

To finally when you stopped me saying, “Keep your hand free. While we greet goodbyes.” every time we met.
Is when, I realised. That to feel is to live.

And as I started to learn the mole on your neck, which my eyes could meet every time you took me out for a ride, sharing every bit of you right from your shower stories, to your tiny trek achievements, to self discovery of your pizza recipes, to your Life goals, as our shadows collide.
Is when, I believed such thing comes once in lifetime.

Although I never expected it to be a bed of roses, when I decided to spent the rest of my life tip toeing around the idea of us, because I knew you, I knew me, and I knew YouMe.

But now,

Us? Just as scattered as my thoughts are. 

As I realise,

That all the questions are left unanswered, and the answers are not questioned anymore.


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