Little joys of life..

Fresh page. Clean water. Discovering new places which hasn’t been discovered by the world yet. The smell when it rains. Cup cakes for dinner. Cafes that serve free food. Happy faces. Comforting arm. Great ideas that come in the middle of the night. New movies. Old friends. Great books. Night walk. Songs that get you. Laughs and giggles. Conversation. Red roses. A hand to hold. A friend to talk. Seashore. Candles that take you to another time and place. Long shower. Lazy afternoons. Tiny efforts. Change, even if you don’t see it as a good thing yet. Cozy corners. Good sleep. Passports because they guarantee conversations on how “terrible” you look in the photo. Journeys. New day. Sunshine. Sunrise. Moonlight. What Next? Where Now? OhKay. Goodbye. 


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